Godded SeedWorld is a critical branch of Godded Seed Group.

Godded SeedWorld is a Knowledge Based Aspect with focus in raising young people with Gospel Leadership values adequate enough for personal and societal transformation.

Gospel Leadership is the conscious application of influence with and for the Gospel.

In Godded SeedWorld (SeedWorld), we work towards a common goal of inspiring, influencing, equipping and empowering young people to ignite their purpose and make their unique contribution to the world. We offer mentoring and training opportunities through our online and live platforms were we engage young people across the world and drive strategic transformation in Music, Entertainment, Leadership, Governance, Business, Entrepreneurship, Ministry, Church denominations, Relationship and Family Life, Health, Sports, Education, ICT/Media, Industries, Careers and Professions with the gospel values.

As knowledge based organization, we communicate our message and values across various mediums and platforms, which includes Live/Online Classes, Seminars, Confabs, Workshops, Social Media campaigns, Book/Magazine publishing, Music, Radio/TV programs and Outreaches in schools, churches and social centers.


To be the world’s most influential youth knowledge based organization, for inspiring and empowering young people for purpose, relevance and positive impacts in the world they live in


A Seed that will serve God, out of every generation and sphere of life (Psalm 22:30). A Generation of youths living out the purpose for their lives and influencing society positively with their gifts and message


Calling: We believe in our Calling as what we’ve been designed to do for the rest of our lives

Competence: We must prove our contents and be confident of our worth, calling and values and seek to continually be Number one by the adequacy of our skills and knowledge

Creativity: We must do things differently, uniquely and be dynamic in operation

Credibility: Our results must be the best as it can be for as much as is known. We must be worthy of trust, and provide superior quality of service that passes the test of universality.



  • To Train young people to lead their space with natural Excellence
  • To Help young people ignite their purpose and achieve their dreams
  • To Equip the youth/teens church to do the work of the ministry with their unique gifts, passion and talents
  • To Transform all spheres of life for God with the Gospel values system
  • To Raise young people passionate about communicating positive values to society with their unique gifts and talents
  • To Inspire people, brands and organizations working for young people build platforms that will enable them (young people) best communicate the value they posses
  • To Network and build a force and hub for the next generation of societal transformers
  • To Empower the less privileged and physically challenged youths to purpose, relevance and impacts
  • To Build a formidable platform for inspiring, educating, transforming and empowering young people to lead a life of purpose, relevance and impacts
  • To Serve this generation with our unique message and callings

[This is THE TRINEBS of Godded SeedWorld as an acronym]



Make A Positive Impact on everyone I meet & everywhere I go

Express God To All; Genuine love

Be A Solutions Provider and not a part of the problem to be solved

Be Role Model by living a life worthy of emulatio

Be My Best in all that I do, especially in the area of my Calling

Value Time & Make the best use of it

Value Relationships and invest in it

Care And Show Respect through my words and my actions

Be A Leader In My Space with influence and excellence

Enthrone Christ And His Kingdom in my sphere of influence

Consciously Build A Great Legacy starting now, today and everyday

Make my family, my nation and my God prou

Be committed to communicating Relevance and values with an investment of my personality everywhere I go

Communicate My Message And Calling to the world without reservation and shame in the conviction of PURPOSE



We are created in God’s image,

made in His likeness

We are Godded; powerful beyond measure

We are Gods; we are G-WIM

We are called to transform the world:

We will make this change; we will lead the change, until the whole world is changed

One-youth-at-a-time… One family at a time…one city at a time…one sphere at a time…

We will arise! And make them rise to the true essence of life Until the world is drawn to our source; which is Christ

We dominate! We own the world!!! We rule the world!!! We own the world!!!