Make 2018 your best year(Day 4 of 10)

When I was coming up as a public speaker, I was told not to appear at any speaking engagement without a product. A product will keep your presence fresh in the minds of the audience even long after you leave.
Your products represents you. With products you can be omnipresent; being at any place at any time

Your products can be a source of regular income 

Your products can keep you consistently resourceful. 
“The peak of any legal wealth creation entity is products.” 
In 2018, develop products.

Productize your skill, passion or expertise. 
It’s true speakers don’t make a lot of money speaking, especially those of us who do it for humanity and not just the gains, but for the vision we have for a transformed society. But speakers who have products make a lot of money.
Recently, since I started this series, I’ve been selling two of my products… You noticed it?
Yeah. That’s what products can do. And I won’t tell you how much I’ve made, and of course, I make money everyday. I also know that I will sell my market today too… Amen?
So, how do you develop your products and what kind of products can you develop for your kind of brand or what you do?

Now, understand that you can create products in whatever you do.

Look beyond just sewing as a fashion designer, look beyond just teaching in that secondary school as a teacher. Look beyond what you’re currently doing and see how you can reach more people and make more money by creating products.
How do you create products?

(Basically in this series we will only talk about information products)

 1. Identify what is it that you’re passionate about sharing.

 2. Develop contents you are going to be sharing 

 3. Build a waiting list of people that are interested in the information you want to share

You can do this buy building a messenger bot, email list and WhatsApp BC

 4. Engage your audience

This is where you consistently position yourself as someone worthy to be paid for knowledge sharing.

Keeping and giving tons of valuable information consistently 

 5. Create your product.
Now, there are basically 3 products you can create and make money

 1. Video Tutorials

Whatever information, skill, expertise or experience you have you can package in a video file and sell to those who need it.

The power of video contents is immense and you need to take advantage of it.

YouTube, and other websites can be platforms you can use to sell yourself.

How you do that first is… 

Identify one problem in your niche, explain how your skill can help resolve that problem and then train people in that skill.

That’s it!
There are a number of ways you can sell your video tutorials. You can sell them as normal downloadable files, or upload them on YouTube as private videos which only your buyers can access. Or you can use a video selling service like Selz
There are two ways you can go about creating video products.

It could be either by simply recording a video, or doing a video course where you speak and the screen shows what you’re talking about. Geenio, articulate 360, easygenerator are apps you can use to create video courses.

The next type of product you can create is

 2. E-Books

 3. Coaching classes
The processes are almost the same.

But remember, you need to have contents that actually produces results, you must have a waiting list and you must have an audience.
In 2018, invest more on your social media audience.

Engage then with your passion.
And work on contents! 
If you are a fashion designer, beyond just sewing clothes, you can create products around writing books about fashion and dressing, you can hold paid classes and tutorials for those who want to learn sewing. You can also have a one-to-one coaching for celebrities and public figures on their dressing and fashion.

Build a messenger bot, and/or have a website to start an email list.
Grow beyond your 2017 in 2018.
Do more and you will get more.

Your Fulfilment is my Priority

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