Make 2018 your best year(Day 5 of 10)

In 2018, one of the things that are certain is that your industry will be more crowded and the social media space more noisy as complexities intensify.
Whenever complexities intensify, there is always a demand of higher knowledge and discipline.
Your approach to work in 2018 should of necessity, change. 
Mastering your craft is good. Developing products is awesome. But knowing how to market your craft or product is of ultimate importance.
What’s marketing to begin with? 

Marketing is the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.
Learn how to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange values in 2018 better. 
In 2018, sell yourself and your business intentionally. Occupy your space such that when your kind of business or work is mentioned, you are the first name that comes in mind.
People will say you’re disturbing them, but who cares?

Are they paying your bills?
Don’t care what the naysayers will say. Do your thing in 2018.

The key word here is intensify your marketing.

Post in groups especially when there are no restrictions.

Leverage on buying and selling groups online.
Tell as many friends as possible about what you do.
Make it a habit of tell one new person each day.
Have a page on Facebook and boost your products to reach larger audience. The fee is not so much.
Understand the rhythm of 2018. It is your noise that will gain you attention.
Tomorrow, Anticipate something bigger 

Your Fulfilment is my Priority

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