Port Harcourt based, Motivational Speaker, set to build a Library for youths in Ahoada.

Ahoada is an old town in Ahoada East Local Government in Rivers State. It has been noted in recent past for violence, crisis, cultism and kidnapping by the youths in Ahoada.

The once peaceful Ahoada became a war zone after the election in 2015 as the boys politicians used for their interests where not settled based on bargain. These boys decided to venge their anger in society and they took on to robbery, kidnapping, raping and all forms of crimes that made Ahoada unbearable to live in.

Soon, the town became so scanty, development slow and people constantly live in fear.

Dunamis Shiloh Okonwor, recently nominated for Nigeria’s 25 Under 25 Awards for Social Entrepreneurship, began a campaign to build Ahoada City from it ruins.

He wrote in one of his social media posts

“Peace, Unity, Development and Progress is the Rhythm of Ahoada City and Ekpeye.

Once again, as one big family, we have decided to build our most popular town, Ahoada to a city like it’s counterparts; Port Harcourt and Owerri.

Violence is the weakest route to the solution of any problem.

It is understandable that young people are frustrated as a result of the state of the nation and because of ignorance they resort to crime. We have decided to deal with the ignorance by providing Empowerment of knowledge, skills funds and platform for our youths.

Join us make this vision a reality.
Let’s build Ahoada City together

Join the campaign rally against violence and crime in Ahoada on the 7th of December from Nwekuya junction at 2pm.

Join the conference on the 9th of December at Ekpeye Council Hall, Ahoada. 2pm also”

The Conference, Youth Empowerment Conference (YEC) was organized to inspire and empower young people to discover their purpose and make meaningful contributions to society and held on the 9th of December, 2018 at Ekpeye Council Hall, Ahoada, with youths all over Ahoada East & West Local Government Areas, both those who stay around and those who stay outside.

The Conference ended on a high note with youths empowered to make positive difference in society.

Thereafter the Convener, Mr Dunamis Shiloh introduced the idea of the Library. He said it is going to be built by public contributions and calls out for peace loving, humanity loving people and those who wish for a better future for Nigeria to join in the project by submitting books, and funds for books.

For partnership and sponsorship of the Library project in Ahoada, contact dunamishiloh@gmail.com or call 08108630909.

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