Make 2018 your best year (Day 6 of 10)

No one has ever made it alone. Even God at creation deployed the complete Godhead for the creation of man, He said “let ‘us’ make man…”
In 2018, you will need a lot of things for the success you need, but ultimately you will need people.
Humans are naturally influencial. There is no point in a relationship where one person is not influencing another, consciously or unconsciously.
It is based on this influential capacity of man that the Bible admonishes “He that walks with the wise shall be wise”

If we flip it the other way round we’ll have “He that walks with the foolish will be foolish”
In 2018, at the close of the year, your happiness and fulfilment will be defined by the influence of people that were close to you.
My advice to you today is to intentionally construct that influence. Get around great minds and exit the company of small minds.
When King Saul got around the prophets he began to prophesy without knowing it. If you move with great and successful men in 2018, you will be great and successful before you know it. This influence is authentic!
As you are following this series, don’t just read and get excited. Write two two things from each series; what you will start doing and what you will stop doing.
How do you go about this right away?

 1. Make friends with people who are far ahead of you in what you are doing.

 2. Learn to ask for friendship from the right persons that qualify for your definition of friends. Sometimes we loose opportunities of becoming friends with certain people that will help us achieve our dreams simply because we are ashamed to ask for friendship. Ladies most times think it’s wrong for them to ask a guy for friendship, that’s not true.

When you see a true friend in a guy, Do ask for his friendship, but explain your reasons.

 3. Learn to contribute in your friendship. Don’t be a dead sea to only receive from friends and not give out. Be the definition of the friends you seek.

 4. Make out time for friends. Don’t be the too busy type that you don’t have time to connect deeply and rob from the fragrance of your blessed friends. Make out time, take them out if you should and spend time talking on possibilities, dreams and progress.
On the other hand, quite these people if they are your friends

 1. You have always given to them but they haven’t given anything to you.

 2. They are not proud of you outside

 3. They always make you feel less about achieving great things

 4. They are only interested about your spiritual life and/or they are not interested about your spiritual life 

 5. You always feel empty after talking with them

 6. You feel insecure around them.
I have few friends. Each time I’m with these guys I feel I can conquer the world single handedly. I feel my dreams are way too small because I always feel bigger around them. Each time I think of them, I’m always inspired to do more and go for more. And this feeling is always mutual among us all.
You need these kind of friends in 2018. They could be of same gender, they could be of opposite gender. The most important thing is the purpose of the friendship.

2018 is here already. My wishes for you are gold and grace. You will get the best that you desire and you will not necessarily work too much for it.
Gold and Grace will spice up every day of 2018 for you.

Your Fulfilment is my Priority…

Dunamis Shiloh Okonwor

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