It’s easy to think, Daniel became wiser than all the magicians, astrologers and counselors in Babylon because he had the spirit of God. But that’s not true.

The Bible says, it was because “an excellent spirit was found in him” and not “the spirit of excellence was in him”

The former is an adjective, the latter is a noun which could mean the Holy Spirit.

The adjective was used to describe a set of characters which he possessed. Those characters weren’t supernatural. They are explainable.

More also, the Holy Spirit of God never indwelt man until the Holy Spirit was given in Acts about 800 years after Daniel.

The four Hebrew Children later on according to the first chapter of Daniel, were found ten times better than all the magicians, astrologers and counselors in the entire realm of Babylon.

It’s easy to say God just made them ten times better, so you should start praying to be made ten times better. But that wasn’t what happened.

What happened is explainable.
An average Jew at age five memorizes the entire pentatioch (first five books of the Bible) and some go further to memorize the psalms and the prophets. So, at age five an average Jew is far smarter in memory, figures, history and wisdom than their age mates in the world.

Beside, they had religious practices and teachings that configured their mindset to believe they are God’s people and at such, they are the best and most important people on planet earth.

Even up till now, a Jewish kid will never agree to show on your photo because he believes you’re inferior to him. Check the list of world richest men today, you’ll find at least 10 of top 50 that are Jews.

Results are beautiful but don’t be deceived. There is more to results than what you see.

So, seek to know the process behind the result and the rituals to practice not just the results to copy.

Ask questions like, what was their mindset? What were they thinking?

Result by the way, is not the proof of work. That’s why students can sort their way to passing exams without the rigorous work of studying and even sitting for the exam.

TRANSFORMATION (What you become as a result of work) is the proof of work.

My thoughts to you today is this… Don’t skip the process. What you will become after the process is very important. Seek for transformation, because, once you’re transformed, you can produce the result as much as possible.

Your fulfillment is my priority.
Live blessed in 2019

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