I understand that the government has a responsibility for the people, and in a society like ours when the least thing the government thinks about is the people, its now in our hands to decide our fate.

There is a government in all of us. That government is triggered each time you see something you don’t like in our society.

There is a devil around. That devil is what makes you think you’re incapable of doing something to solve the problems you see in society.

We must all understand that before anything like political government structures began, God has placed in us the responsibility to solve the problems of our societies. The political government structures we have today was set up by men to meet that responsibility but God’s plan for your life remains the same.

Each time you see a bad road, the blame goes to the government and also to you because if you were rich enough, you will make good roads for the people you love and not wait for the government.

The same thing happens when you see poverty, cultism, kidnapping, child abuse, power failure, domestic violence, religious crisis, teenage pregnancy, poor education and even bad government.

The reason is because you were not created to look at problems or blame someone else, you were created to solve them.

One lie the devil is feeding people with is making them feel they have to be so rich or be in a leadership position to solve problems in society or lead change. Don’t eat that lie!

Last year we began our project to build a great City out of a ruined town in Rivers State as we organized a social media campaign and street rally to sensitise the public against violence, cultism, kidnapping, child abuse, underdevelopment in Ahoada which at that time was a dreaded zone were more than half its inhabitants had fled from the ravaging crisis and violence in the land.

We went further to organise a YOUTH EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE (YEC) meant to inspire and empower young people to discover their purpose and contribute meaningfully to society by expressing their talents and gifts to solve problems instead of creating one.

The Conference was supported by the Youth Council of Ekpeye and everyone who observed what we did asked us not to stop.

This year, we are coming even better to not only inspire people but to set an example for the people and for the government.

We are setting up a Mini Library which would house a tech hub and an enterprise training center.

The tech hub is meant to empower young people in and around Ahoada with 21st century skills that will be relevant even in 50 years time. The enterprise training centre is meant to train people to start their businesses and begin their entrepreneurial journey to boost commerce in the land and create employment. The library will be a centre for education, fun-learning, reading, poetry, and many other intellectual activities as well as providing educational materials for the less privileged among us.

We are shaping the future and making our nation better for those coming behind us.

We are calling out to the public and the government for support and kind contribution and we build Ahoada City together.

Call/WhatsApp on 08108630909 to partner with us.

Project Led by: Dunamis Shiloh Okonwor

God bless you

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