Here is the best gift you can ever give this season.

This is the season of celebration. Outside Nigeria, they exchange gifts. In Nigeria, everyone is looking for a gift from someone and no one is preparing to give to someone.

It’s funny, but when people begin to apply it to be selfish to themselves, it becomes a problem.

Every human leaves in three state. The past, the present and the future.

The past has a voice. The present has a person and the future is a baby but instead of a womb, the baby is in the mind. It’s your vision for the future.

The past as a voice is only meant to be heard. It’s not meant to dwell in. You must use your past only to instruct your actions in the present. The voice speaks both positively and negatively based on experiences. The positive aspect of the voice helps to train the baby to grow faster while the negative only kills the baby (future) slowly.

The present as a person controls the three states. The survival of the future (that is a baby) solely lies in the hands of the person in the present.

However, the future is all you truly want to be. The future is what God has created you to become. It’s your purpose but since it’s still yet not accomplished, it’s a baby in the mind.

The form of the baby lies on the decision of the present man. If it comes out crippled, poor, weak, great or powerful, it depends on the present man

The best gift you can give is to nurture, and listen to that baby calling from the future.

This year is almost past with a lot of mistakes and achievements, you must choose the voices you’ll listen to for the good of the baby.

To nurture, you must not let the voices of negative past stop you from making any decision that will benefit your future. You must take care of that baby as a sole responsibility and not wait for someone to do something for you.


Always see yourself in that place of your dreams, assuming that you have achieved all that you desire in life and allow that person you’re seeing make your final decisions every day.

If you want to be a powerful CEO for instance,
Learn to ask, will a CEO hangout with this kind of people, will a CEO do what I’m about to do? What will a CEO be doing if he were at my age?

That’s the best way to live your life in the present.

2018 is ending with the usual celebration of the years. The celebration is only a distraction for what is ahead in a the new year. That’s why most people struggle in January. Focus on your future, don’t be carried away by the activities of the season. Build, nurture and be instructed by your future self

5k spent on pizza will mean nothing after few days. But 2k spent on materials that will help you grow will forever impact your life. Give to your future self the gift it will be proud of

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year in advance, friend

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